Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prints for Summer

I wore this dress a couple of weeks ago to run errands. Yes, I get dressed up to do mundane tasks. This day, I was taking the dogs to the groomer's, buying groceries & having lunch with my mom.

I absolutely love the print & colors of this dress, but the little cutout in the back is my gave feature. I got this dress from Peebles a while back when I was visiting my hometown. I can't get enough of it! I plan to wear it with wedges the next time I put it on.

We ate lunch at Kona Grill, have any of you eaten here?! It's so delicious & I recommend trying it! Visit the web site: www.konagrill.com/

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New: Michael Kors

Okay, so for years I'd been covering a Louis Vuitton MM Neverfull bag. I saw that Michael Kors makes a similar version of the tote- Jet Set Travel Tote. Since I'm being frugal (actually, broke), I decided to purchase the MK tote instead. This one retails at $248, while the LV is about $900. Score! What do you think of these bags?!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Flowers & Pleats

Hi all! I really need to get a new computer, otherwise blogging will continue to be sparse. The last few posts have been done solely from my iPhone & I can't wait to get back to editing pics on my MacBook Pro (hopefully a new one).

Anywho, I wore this outfit for a day of shopping. I wore this skirt a few weeks ago to a blogger meetup, but haven't had a way to do a post for it. That's coming soon! I wanted to wear something colorful since I'm forced to wear neutrals for work. The skirt is from Forever 21 & is a tad too big; should've gotten an xs. This tank has been on the blog before & is from Old Navy. This lovely necklace added the perfect amount of color to pull this look together. I got this at H&M last week & am absolutely in love with it- it's not too heavy or bulky. Of course for a day of running around, I chose flats which this pair is from Target.

Today has been fun & tiring, I need to rest. I will do a post later showcasing all my new goodies. Stay tuned & have a fabulous weekend!!