Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's A Faux Fur Day

I took these pictures last month after finding a blogger who rarely looked up in her photos. I decided I'd give it a try. I must admit, it's a little weird.

Anywho, I love this out outfit. Something about the vest, cold shoulder blouse & the boots that just work together. I've worn it a few times (twice to be exact) out at night. It's something I throw on last minute when I have nothing else to wear. What do you put on when you're in a rush?!

Vest: Francesca's Collections
Blouse: Target
Jeans' J Brand
Boots: Bambo
Watch: Michael Kors

Sorry this post is so short, I'm actually still trying to put my life back together after a very eventful Friday night. Needless to say, I'm never drinking again.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again

I rarely ever wear the same outfit the exact same way. RARELY. I happen to notice that this outfit was very similar to one I wore when it was warmer. (For full post, click here). I obviously had to winterize this outfit, it is January after all. Surprisingly, I like the winter on better.. Although, I do pine for warmer temps. Which do you like best?!

Top: Theory
Skirt: Target
Flats in photo 1: Target
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Hue
Watch: Michael Kors

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New: TJ Maxx, Charlotte Russe & B&N

Here's a few things I picked up back in December. Don't worry, this was before starting my resolutions, mentioned here & before failing here. I really just don't have any self control when it comes to clothes...

Cynthia Rowley pillow. Obviously for decoration only.

A top, I doubt I'll ever wear. At least it's cute.

Another bodycon skirt to add to my collection.

Of course I had to pick up a few cocktail rings.

All pumps were $15 the day I went to the mall. Yes!!

Duh, I got a glittered pair. Thank God for the platform or I would've broken my neck.

Kate Spade case for my Nook.
Stay tuned, I've got a little confession to make later... It involves another shopping trip.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New: J.Crew Warehouse Sale

Perfect way to end the weekend?! A little shopping trip to a J.Crew Warehouse Sale. (Yes, I've failed miserably at my resolution, mentioned here). Anyway, today was the last day & I was thrilled to actually have the time & money to attend. It was definitely not what I expected. I've never been to a warehouse sale before & while I got some great pieces, I don't think I'll be going to another one anytime soon. It was just too much work to look through all the boxes & search for things. But luckily, I walked away with some amazing loot for an even more amazing price. Check out what I bought:

Cream pea coat $50

Black blazer $15
Navy slacks $15
 And the greatest part of all, everything was 20% off. I spent under $70 for some J.Crew's most expensive things. JACKPOT!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sparkles & More Sparkles

As I promised here, I finally got around to taking proper photos of this outfit. I bought this sweater to wear to the company's holiday dinner, but hopefully I'll have another chance to wear it.

I'm actually really lucky (& relieved) that I have time to post this outfit. The last few days have been extremely busy & I really needed this little break. Ahh, relaxation!! Hopefully, later in the week, I can show you the lovely items I picked up on a shopping trip last month. Until then, stay warm!!

Sweater & Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Nina
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Michael Kors


Monday, January 16, 2012

This Is My Life


Hope you all enjoyed this. I'm amazed by how much of this stuff I actually use on a day-to-day basis- GUILTY!! :-)

I'm going to apologize now for the lack of posts this upcoming week. I've got a lot going on & won't have time to post much. Sorry. I'll be back sooooon. Enjoy your week!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspired Look: Ralph Lauren

Blouse:  Ralph Lauren Rugby
Pants: Target
Watch: Michael Kors
Boots & Purse: Unknown
Polish: OPI You Don't Know Jaques

Seriously, aren't you obsessed with this blouse?! I knew when I saw it, it had to be mine. I mentioned a similar blouse here, but this one is waaaay better! I know the shoulders are a bit much for the office, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't go for the extreme. Would you wear such prominent shoulders?

Aren't these puffed shoulders to die?!!

Loving the plaid.

Extremely old boots I found in an unpacked box at my apartment. Obvs I shop too much.

Instagram love.

Lovely ring, purchased at Charlotte Russe.

This brown bag is just as old as my boots. Luckily, both are in good condition. I think I had a black one, too but the strap broke- I carry lots of crap (i.e. Nook, Nikon, sunnies, makeup, etc...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Vodka & Caviar

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, as you can guess by the Christmas tree in the background. I had just gotten all of this jewelry (featured here) & wanted to show it off with none other than a black backdrop, errr in this case, black dress. I really like this dress. I bought it about two years ago to wear to a work thing & occasionally still wear it. It's comfortable; made out of the same material as Under Armour- so it's rather warm on chilly days. I paired it with some patterned tights (also shown here) & black boots.

I would write more, but Safari doesn't seem to want to stay open long enough for me to complete a proper post. Now that I finally have a camera, it's definitely time to upgrade to a newer MacBook Pro- there's always something....

Dress: Norma Kamali via Wal-Mart
Tights: Nina
Boots: Bamboo
Jewelry: JCP
Watch: Michael Kors
Polish: OPI Vodka & Caviar

P.S. Ralph Lauren was having a sale last week. Normally, I wouldn't go crazy over a button down (unless it's Theory), I just had to get something similar to this (below)... & two other button downs. I can't wait to do a post on the ruffled beauty. Gahhh, my shopping is out of control.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank You!!

I just wanted to take some time & thank all of my readers & followers. The number of visitors & comments I received this week were way more than I could have ever asked for. I really do appreciate each & every one of my readers- Thanks!!

Anywho, I wore this to the office last week. I was obviously having a major casual day, but it was Friday so it only makes sense to be casual. I'm not too thrilled with the fit & shape of this sweater, but I do like the color. I guess this combination is a tad bumble bee-ish but who cares?

Sweater & Pants: Target
Belt: Express
Pumps: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors
Purse: Longchamp

My tattoo says "La bella vita" in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEW: JCP, Marshalls & Sephora

On Christmas Eve, my parents & I went to a mall to finish some last minute Christmas shopping. Well, I was actually supoosed to be shopping for my parents, but I ended up convincing my mom to buy me a few goodies... then I bought myself a few things as well. I did, however, manage to get my parents a gift too. Here's what I bought:

All pieces from JC Penny. Worn NYE, featured here. Luckily, all were on sale, so Mom didn't have to spend too much money. Normally I'm a gold girl, but since my dress silver, of course I had to buy some silver-ish jewelry.
I found this DKNY clutch at Marshalls. It was $40. Couldn't turn down such a great deal.
These were also purchased at JCP. I got these as everyday pieces.
I bought this skirt & tights from Marshalls too. I wear lots of tights these days due to my job, so I can never have enough. There's actually a regular opaque pair, ribbed pair & patterned pair in this pack. I think I paid about $10 for the tights & $16 for the skirt.
Of course this shopping trip woldn't be complete without stopping by a Sehpora. These are my essentials: Smashbox primer & D&G Rose the One perfume.

I must admit, this shopping trip was successful- although, I've yet to use the primer or perfume or wear the skirt. I'll get to them eventually. Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Me

HELLO 2012!!!

We've bid adieu to 2011 & embraced 2012 in full force. I've decided 2012 will be a year of change, of BIG change. I've thought long & hard about what I wanted to change in the new year & thought I'd share my resolutions with my readers. Here goes nothing:

1. I will not buy anymore clothes until I have worn everything at least once. To most, this sounds ridiculous, but to those who know me, know most of the items in my closet still have the tags attached or have never been worn. Hopefully, this will help me save a little cash & experiment with the hidden treasures in my closet. Of course to prepare for this, I did a major shopping trip over the weekend. I'll share deets later.

2. I will find a job that pays more, or at least one I enjoy. This one is obviously easier said than done. Having studied Communication/Public Relations in college, I would love to be an account executive for a fashion magazine, small boutique, new designer, anything FASHION related. If that doesn't happen, I would at least like more compensation for the job I currently have. That will definitely sweeten the deal & make these long hours more bearable.

3. I will become more finicially stable. As mentioned in resolution #1, I would like to save a little money & actually be able to afford what little bills I do have. As of now, my parents pay the majority of my bills (I pay my rent & bills related to my amazing apartment)- cell phone, student loans, vet bills, etc... I'd at least like to manage paying one of these. This will obv be a gradual process as I have a shopping problem.

4. I will run a 5K. While I am big into fitness & being healthy, I despise running. In order to challenge myself, I would love to participate in a little 5k. What's life without a challenge, right?!! Wish me luck with this one, it will definitely be the most difficult to pull off (other than #3 that is).

5. Well, of course I have a few more, but I'll keep those to myself. Hopefully, I'll succeed in completing these resolutions! What are some your New Year's resolutions?!!

Anyway, onto my outfit. It's sparkly duh. I went to visit my friend/old roommate, Junella this year. I miss living with her; who else is going to take pics of me getting ready?! But we always have a good time together, which made driving the almost 4 hours to her worth it. This year, I decided not to spend too much money on a dress, simply because Blacksburg is a little dead  this time of year since all the college students are on break. I was pleasantly surprised by this little number I found while searching Forever 21's website. Can you believe I only paid about $40 for this?!!

Dress: Forever 21
Clutch: DKNY via Marshalls
Jewelry: JCP
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I hope your NYE was as eventful as mine & that you all have a wonderful 2012! Don't forget to tell me your resolutions!!!!