Saturday, December 8, 2012

New: Charlotte Russe

Hi everyone-

I did something today that I haven't done in a long long while- SHOPPING! Actually, I ran down to Charlotte Russe while I was supposed to be working today to grab a shirt to wear tomorrow. Well, of course that shirt tunred into a few extras.

The first thing I got was this woven blouse. I  wanted something semi-conservative, but fun at the same time. This button down is perfect. It feautes lace on the shoulders & has a cute little cut-out in the back. I also gravitated towards this top because it's not black. I needed some color in my life.

Regularly $22.99
Paid $15

Well after picking up the blouse, I decide to take a gander at some jewelry. Most jewelry was only $5 today so I couldn't pass up these earrings & necklaces. The phone case I grabbed at the cash wrap as I was waiting to pay. It's super adorable.

Phone case: $8.99
Earrings: $5

Necklace 1: $12.50
2 & 3: $5 each
I can't wait to wear my new goodies! What did you buy this weekend?!

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  1. That necklace is darling!

    XoXo Chris


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