Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Better Late Than Never, Right?!

I have FINALLY come up with what I'm giving up for the rest of Lent: Buying Black Clothes!!! For those of you who know me,  I can pretty much always be found wearing some black. By all means, I am not a dark, depressed person- actually, I'm rather happy. Plus brights have been all over the runways this season, so naturally I must follow the trend. I was casually browsing my usual blogs and shopping sites, when I stumbled across this dress. I must have it. Surprisingly, I'd prefer the Fuchsia & Bright Teal over the Black! The absolute best part about this dress, it's only $19.99! I'm definitely purchasing them both. Wish me luck with not buying black, I will most definitely need it.

Both of these beauties can be purchased at Charlotte Russe, so head over to web site or your nearest mall before it's sold out!

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  1. Oh my gosh.. I've decided not to purchase anything black either! Except, I didn't really do it for lent, I just did it to do it. My closet is much too full of black and is lacking in color and prints!



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