Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Interview Outfit

Lately it seems all I do is head to job interviews. I am definitely not complaining because I need a new job! Last week, I work this dress with my new wedges. I actually found this Calvin Klein dress at Ross a few months ago. Get this, it was only $20!! Not to mention my Steve Madden wedges, that I picked up at Marshalls, were only $31.99!! I love a food deal.

I had been getting into color, but as you see, black has crept it's way back into rotation. I'll try to work on this.

Would you wear this outfit to a job interview?! Have you gotten any good deals on clothing lately?! Share!!


  1. Cool post
    Thanks for sharinG

  2. I try to stick with close toed pumps for interviews - but this totally depends on the industry! I am in the human service field, so that typically calls for more conservative dress for business meetings and such but I am lucky that my office itself is uber casual - so I can rock all sorts of funky fashion things!


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