Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Christmas

Hi everyone-

Can you believe it's already December?! I've been spending a lot of timing thinking about ways to recreate, reinvent, redo my blog. So this year, instead of wishing for the latest handbag or must-have boots, I've got my eyes set on things that will improve Shoes & Champagne.

1. Blog Makeover: I want to rebrand Shoes & Champagne- blog name, design, logo. I've researched a lot of different companies to use & it's rather expensive. I truly think this will help me to expand my brand & reach the audience I want. S&C is like a business & I'd like to start treating it as such.

2. Tripod: I don't have enough fingers & toes to count how many times I haven't taken outfit pictures because I simply had no one to play photographer. To ensure I post regular OOTD posts, a tripod is the only way.

3. DSLR: I think it's time to upgrade to a better camera. A fancy little number with different lenses & filters. My photo quality isn't that great & I would really like to showcase my outfits in the best way possible. I don't have a preference yet as to which brand to buy, but I am a die hard Nikon fan!

4. PhotoShop: Photo editing software. Enough said.

5. Blogging Class: A few months ago, I came across a company who offers online blogging classes. I would love to be able to take a few of these & really jump into the business of blogging.

The final item on my wish list is very important to me- fitness. I've been trying to figure out different ways to get a good workout. From the elliptical, treadmill, weights, cycling, I've tried it all. I'd like memberships to try different classes. I'm very much into cycling (see my post on my favorite studio here) & I'd like to try Bikram yoga & barre classes. Everyday trips to Gold's & hopping on the elliptical for an hour just isn't cutting it for me anymore. I want to try more!

If you can offer any assistance on who to use for my blog makeover or any of the other things on my wish list, please share! What's on your Christmas wish list?!



  1. 1. Nesha from does awesome blog design work! She has lots of different options and is currently running a special: a custom blog design package for $525. This could definitely suit your needs I think. She's very nice and easy to work with! And if you book by the end of 2013 you get 10% off!! Here's the link to what that package includes:

    2. Also, I notice you'd like a DSLR camera...I just got one as an early Christmas gift - the Canon EOS Rebel T3. So far, I love it!! It's been the best investment!

    3. Try using GIMP as photo-editing software. It's free and very similar to photoshop. This could help you determine if you would want to invest in more expensive software.

    4. What is the company that offers online blogging classes? I'm very interested!

    I hope some of my comments can help you!

  2. In case you're still's someone else who offers very affordable blog makeovers....


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