Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make-Up Madness

I’ve gotten a few inquiries about my makeup. First, thanks for even noticing, let alone commenting on it! Second, I’ve decided to share what products I use. Since my camera is broken, I can only show you shots of the item I use online and not my actual make-up stash.

After I cleanse and all that good stuff, I ALWAYS start with primer. I’ve got naturally oily skin so anything I can do to prevent this is a bonus. This may not work for everyone, bur what works best for me is to rotate between a few primers daily. These are the ones I use:

I typically do not wear foundation. I simply dust my face with Bare Minerals Matte Foundation and of course the Mineral Veil. I like to use Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in black . I line both the top & bottom rims. I don’t normally wear mascara daily, but when I do I reach for Diorshow. I curl my lashes everyday (mainly because if I don’t, they rub against the lenses of my sunglasses, which feels weird lol). I think the curler I currently use is made by Revlon, but I’d much rather have this gold one by Shu Uemura.
When it comes to blush, the more the better. My favorites are pinkish/mauve-y ones. I don’t’ have a specific brand for this, I go by color because it’s hard to find the perfect shade, so I generally mix a few together. I then top whatever blush I use with a few light layers of Nars Laguna Bronzer.
For a casual look, I simply use Simth's Rosebud Salve. To keep my lips smooth, a few times a week I exfoliate with Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant. I’ve just recently gotten into wearing lipstick. I try to wear a little color, but I still haven’t quite found the perfect shade. I keep experimenting.

And there you have it, my make-up. I recommend these products, which can all be found at either a drugstore or my fave, Sephora.

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  1. I love Laguna bronzer too! Even though I'm very fair, a little bit brushed on always makes me look so much more alive, haha :)

    And as far as mascaras go, I used to be huge fan of Diorshow too but then I switched to L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and it's even better (plus much cheaper!) so definitely check that one out :)

    Anyways, have a great Wednesday :) :)


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