Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Has Finally Sprung

This weekend may quite possibly be the best this year. I won't go into details, but a lot of really great things happened. And I must say, I am working on my spontaneity. Like this photo, I woke up Sunday morning thinking I'm just going to run a few errands (I took Bella to PetSmart since that was like the only store open on Easter). Somehow, I ended up at a park having a picnic. True, a dress may not have been the best option, but I didn't have time to run home to change. I actually enjoyed myself & ya know what, nature's not too bad. Plus, I bought this dress a few months ago & have been dying to wear it. If you are familiar with Max Studio dresses, you know it's a tad ridiculous I wore this dress to  a picnic, but I wouldn't be me if I weren't a little crazy when it came to fashion. In case you were wondering, Louis ventured with me to the park, too.

 Dress: Max Studio
Shoes: Rainbow
Sunnies: Dior
Watch: Michael Kors

My favorite thing about this picture you ask?! Helloooooo the maroon & orange color scheme (HOKIES), which was totally unplanned I mind you.


  1. This dress is lovely on you! ABSOLUTELY stunning I tell you!I just found your blog and it is an absolute joy. You are beautiful and so are your posts!

  2. What a pretty picture...that color is stunning on you!

  3. that is an amazing color and looks super nice on your complexion.


  4. cute!!!

  5. Lovely dress! I love the V shape over there! <3


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