Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunglasses 101

If you've been following my blog, you know I have a huge obsession with sunglasses, or sunnies, as I like to call them. These are a very important accessory to have, especially since they protect your eyes from the sun. Finding the perfect pair for your face shape can be a little tricky. Lucky for you, I have lots of experience in picking out sunnies & will let you in on a few tricks!

If you have a square shaped face, you have a strong jawline, broad forhead & a square chin. Your face is proportional in length & width. The best sunnies for you are ones with oval & round frames. You want to aviod frames that accenuate the angles of your face.
RB3293 67 $164.95PR 27LS 57 $275.00

You hace full cheecks, a rounded chin & few angles. Angular frames will sharpen your facial features. Rectangular styles with make your face appear thinner & longer. You want to draw attention to the top of your face so avaiod small & short styles.
RB3016 CLUBMASTER 49 $144.95405 MAKAHA $179.95

You have a broad forehead & wide cheeckbones that narrow to a smaller chin. Round frames will soften the forehead. Frames with decorative temples will only draw atention to your forehead, so avoid at all costs.
PR27NS $290.00216 SAND DOLLAR $259.00

Lucky you! You can pull of all styles of sunnies!! Just be sure the frames aren't too large for your face (unless you're me & don't care).
RB2132 55 WAYFARER $174.95RA4004 $124.95

Also, I highly advise you all to get lenses that are polarized. These lenses will cut down on a lot of glare & make driving or even playing sports outside a lot easier.

I also, recommend stopping by you local Sunglass Hut & let the experts help you find you the perfect sunnies!! Shop online here.

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  1. I love Ray Bans!!! And boys who wear Ray Bans ;)

  2. nice post, always helpful to know what face shape should wear what!

  3. I could so use help picking out takes me forever to find ones that I like!

  4. i have a super square jaw and just picked up a pair of aviators! perfect fit. i have the clubmasters as well and i'm pretty obsessed. x

  5. Ooh, I really like this post - I have no idea what shape my face is (I think heart?) but I do know it is super small, so it is very hard to find good sunglasses. i have a gift card I got at the project style event actually, so I think i'll be in sometime this week to look! If you're there, I could def use your help!! I'll be coming Thursday evening I think! :)

    1. I actually have Thursday off :-(. But if you have the oakley USA card, it expired sept 29th. D&G makes a nice tortoise shell frame that would be perfect for your face & they're polarized. Happy shopping!



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