Monday, June 15, 2015

Man Hunting: Country Music

A very wise woman once told me (my gyno, to be exact) that in order to attract the kind of man I want, I must do activities he does. Simple enough. So in an effort to meet the man of my dreams, I am taking on a list of very out of my character activities. For the next few months, I will be sharing my random activities in a series called "Man Hunting."

First up, I'm going to a Chris Young concert next week. The kindof man I'm attracted to is preppy- country, so what better way to meet him than by connecting through music?.. Plus I'm very fond of wearing dresses & cowboy boots.

Clearly, I could care less about the music, although, I've been listening to country (it's not that bad, actually); the outfit is my worry. I know I want wear something ivory or white. I think I've found the winner (below). But I will continue to look, I mean, I have an entire week to plan the most perfect outfit.

Fingers crossed, the guys will love it! Obvs, I'll keep you guys updated! :-)



  1. That dress is to cute!

    God bless,

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