Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New: TJ Maxx/Target

Hey all-

A few weeks ago, I was on a mission. & by mission, I mean I just really wanted to buy something. I was looking for nothing particular, but I did find some great pieces to add to my closet.

First, I headed to Marshalls, for the first time ever, I left empty handed. I couldn't find a thing, like, not even a scarf. Feeling defeated, I headed to its sister company, TJ Maxx. Luckily, I found this floral tank & black peplum tank. I believe I spent a mere $32! Although, I have yet to wear either one, I know both can be styled perfectly with item I already own.

Lastly, I couldn't drive by Target without stopping (le duh). I ran in very quickly & in 5 minutes tops, managed to find a white v-neck (can never have too many of these) & this blue tunic with birds. I love this tunic & I plan to go back to snag one in every color. I know that sounds excessive, but when you find something you love, why not stock up?!

An a completely new note, it's New York Fashion Week!!!! While I won't be attending (one day, hopefully), I will be live streaming some of my favorite shows & posting my thoughts. The full NYFW schedule can be found here. Which shows are you dying to see?!



  1. Loving that black top you found at Tj Maxx! You will have plenty of styling opportunities with it :)

  2. Great pieces! I do love a good Target run. :)


  3. You sound just like me.. every time I drive past Target I can't help but stop :) I love the tunic, may have to go check it out for myself!


  4. That floral top!! Its a great way to transition into spring.
    I would love to talk fashion sometime!!

    Check out my blog

    xo, kay


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