Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Wish List: Jessica Simpson Booties

Hello readers-

A few weeks ago, I saw the most gorgeous pair of taupe booties. They were sitting on the shelf at TJ Maxx. They're Jessica Simpson, which if you've never owned a pair of JS shoes, they're all very comfortable! I've been lusting over a pair of taupe booties for quite some time now & I've yet to buy a pair. Unfortunately, the $60 price tag stopped me from biting the bullet.

Just last week, I went to a different TJ's hoping I'd find these booties. Sure enough this one had them too. Yet again, the $60 price stopped me. $60 is not a lot of money for a pair of shoes I'm sure I'd wear a lot; however, I don't need shoes. When I don't need anything, I try not to spend more than $30-$40 on a single item. I barely have anywhere to put the shoes I currently own, let alone another pair.

I think I'll have to buy these the next time I seen them simply because I canNOT stop thinking about them. I have already planned to pair them with certain items I currently own. Hopefully, I'll be able to find them.. & on sale!

Photo c/o Morgan of Wake Up Your Wardrobe
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